We all know that December is a time cherished by many!

It's a time of year when everyone walks around with a grin on their face and an extra skip in there step. It's hard not to get caught up in the holiday spirit. Heck, why try to resist? And, whether you spend December celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Hogmanay, or simply anticipating New Years, Boxing Day, orNational Cookie Exchange Day (yep, it's a real thing), we think we can ALL agree on one thing: Holiday lights are awesome!

There are so many things we love about living in Kelowna, but around December, our favourite Kelowna attribute is the holiday spirit that embodies our community, and the vast amount of beautiful lights! The kids go crazy for them, and to be honest, so do we!

While there is an abundance of light ups around the Okanagan (Kelowna, Peachland, Westbank, Penticton), these require careful planning. Sometimes, on our day off, it's just nice to pack the kids in the car-- or just our sweethearts – and drive around looking at the amazing displays around town.

Well, we had the chance to do just that this week, and let us tell you. It's looking great out there!

We wouldn't want you to miss out on this festive activity, so The Dion-Ivan Real Estate Team put together a short list of our favourite 'lit up' neighbourhoods in Kelowna.

First, we travelled up to Black Mountain where the view of Kelowna is simply breathtaking. Now, let us tell you right away there are no shortage of lights in this popular Kelowna neighbourhood. In fact, it doesn't really matter what direction you drive in you are sure to see some beautifully decorated homes; however, you are going to want to pay special attention to Longley Cr, Wilmot, and Feedham!

After our Black Mountain adventure, we travelled down Springfield (also some nice displays) and up to Kettle Valley. We know! That is the complete opposite end of town, but we had leave the gem in Rutland till the end, and we know the folks of Kettle Valley never fail to impress. We were right! If the homes of this picturesque neighbourhood weren't enough to take a drive up for, the lights sure are! Much like Black Mountain, any direction will take you to some beautiful holiday light displays. Simply head up Chute Lake Rd, and enjoy the sites! Our favourite roads to travel down were Ptarmigan, Providence, Quilchena, Tulameen, and McCaren.

It was getting late, so we knew it was time to head back to Rutland for the icing on the cake. However, before we explored the best of the best, we discovered some awesome decorated houses on Hollydell and Dundee; be sure to check them out! Then we headed on down to Candy Cane Lane! So far, Candy Cane Lane is the crown jewel of Christmas and Holiday Lights in Kelowna. Originally consisting of Gramiak and Collison, it has expanded yearly to include Elwyn Rd, Mary Ct, Rex Rd, and Taylor Rd. It is breathtaking! Every year gets better and better, and let me tell you, these Kelowna homeowners do an incredible job, and we are truly thankful for them! When you visit Candy Cane Lane (an you really must visit!), be sure to bring a non perishable donation for the Kelowna Women's Shelter!

As much as we wish we did, The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team didn't have the time to explore all of Kelowna, or even touch the rest of the Okanagan, but we know there are some spenders still to see!

Do you have a favourite holiday street in the Okanagan? Don't keep it to yourself! Let us and the others know.

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It doesn't matter what city or town you live in, Halloween night is sure to be filled with candy crazed trick-or-treaters. Unfortunately, your almost certainly guaranteed to run into some mischievous chaos, parties, and unsafe driving.

If you have a little trick-or-treater in your life, than safety is probably your top priority. It's The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team's too! That is why we have researched the best, family friendly neighbourhoods to safely take your children trick-or-treating.

Below, you will find a list of some of Kelowna's safest neighbourhoods!

Black Mountain

Along with it's beautiful orchards, great school, golf courses, and gorgeous houses, Black Mountain offers some of the best trick-or-treating Kelowna has to offer! The houses are well decorated, the neighbourhood is friendly, and you may even find yourself with a full size candy bar or two to share with the kiddos. Some of those great homes come with a bit of a hike though, so be forewarned!


Glenmore is home to schools, shops, and parks galore; so it is no wonder it's such a popular community for families to reside in. As such, it is also one the best and safest communities to take your kids trick-or-treating. When your little ones (or you) get tired, there is most likely a park to rest in right around the corner. Additionally, these homes are close to bus routes, so driving isn't an issue!


Like Black Mountain, Dilworth comes with a bit of a climb, but it's worth it! These upscale single family homes are close together, and traffic is relatively calm. Just pick one side of the mountain and your little spooks will have a blast!

Kettle Valley

Kettle Valley spares no expense. With spectacular family homes, townhouses, shops, and schools, Kettle Valley is the perfect place to bring your family. These homes are often heavily decorated and close together. There have even been rumours of Halloween fireworks in the park! The only downside is it can be a little overcrowded, so get there early or you may find yourself out of luck! If you are looking for a Kettle Valley feel with less crowd, head down to Paret Rd/Crescent. It's perfect for a short, quality trick-or-treating session.

West Kelowna Estates

Kelowna residents on the East side of the bridge don't get all the fun. While West Kelowna offers a ton of quality trick-or-treating, West Kelowna Estates has beautiful homes, and very family friendly neighbourhoods. Traffic is generally calm, and it's just a short drive from Downtown Kelowna

Regardless of where you go trick-or-treating this year, The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team wishes you a safe and fun adventure!

Know of another great neighbourhood to take the kids? Share it with us in the comments!

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Awesome! You've finally purchased your dream house, and you're now lucky enough to call yourself a Kelowna homeowner! That is an amazing accomplishment, and you should be extremely proud. Some people go their whole lives without having a place to call their own.
However, like many new homeowners, you may be looking at your finances and realizing that owning a home can bring some of its own financial challenges, especially, if your not adequately prepared. This can be extra stressful, but luckily, there are a few ways to release the financial pressure. Like renting!

Renting can be a great way for new and seasoned homeowners to generate income in-order to pay off a mortgage, reduce debt, or simply generate a little extra cash flow. However, it can be risky, and takes a little savvy to pull it off successfully for the homeowner and renter alike.

The Dion-Ivan Real Estate Team wants to see you succeed!

Our team of expert real estate agents have put together a survival guide to renting success! 

5 Rental Survival Tips From Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team!


Even though the benefits to renting your home are numerous, you need to do your research! It takes some time and dedication to be a good landlord, and you may find you don't necessarily have the time or means to dedicate. Read up on your local landlord/tenant laws and be sure you can follow them. Do you have enough for insurance? Things wont always run smoothly, so make sure you know all your rights and how to handle difficult situations such as unpaid rent, property damage, pets, unruly tenants, and appliance maintenance. Be sure to ask other landlords what they look for in a good tenant and what they tend to avoid. Learn from others' mistakes. If you are well prepared, then renting can be an easy and profitable investment!


Preparation is key, now more than ever! You've done the research, but now it is time to execute the plan. Take a look at other rentals around you. What do they include?How much do they cost? Can you charge more for being pet friendly? The better your suite, the more you can ask. Having freshly painted walls, clean floors, and comfort appliances are all going to boost your profit. Kelowna has a very low rental margin, so you can usually get a great price for your home, however Kelowna people have class and tend to desire the basic luxuries such as dishwashers, washer/dryers, garages, central air conditioning (it gets hot out there!), and great flooring. Be sure to list your rental on reputable websites and local papers. However, keep in mind, most people will be looking online. Utilize local Facebook groups! Use these key words suggested by that are proven to have a bigger impact on rental potential: “hardwood flooring”, “granite”, “state-of-the-art”, “stainless steel appliances”, “maple”, and “vaulted ceilings”.

Ask For Help

We can't do everything alone. Again, talk to others who are renting, and reach out to local professionals. Professionals will be able to help you keep everything by the book for an easier transition. Contacts the CRA about tax credits, deductions, and any claims you may have to make. Likewise, a local real estate attorney can help get you up to speed on local zoning laws and even draft up a landlord/tenant contract. It will be well worth the investment.

Stay Competitive

YesKelowna rental market is low and in HIGH demand, but that doesn't mean you should charge an arm and a leg. Offer a quality home for a FAIR price to encourage interest and long-term tenants. You can still earn a great steady income without being greedy. Remember Air Canada's alleged price hike scandal during the forest fires? Don't be Air Canada...

Be Picky

This is your home, and you reserve the right to be picky! DO BE PICKY!!! While most of the people out there are great, it is impossible to tell simply by looking at someone. Some “stable families” are awful and other “low-income singles” make great tenants! Screen your potential tenants carefully. Have a discussion with them and ask the hard questions. Credit checks are essential but may be misleading. Remember, always check their references! Once you have found a tenant you trust, get the security deposit, sign the contract, and come up with a routine payment schedule (direct deposit if you can).

If properly prepared, renting your home might just be the key to really enjoying your new investment! Use your common sense, utilize these tips, and follow your gut! You've got this, and The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team has got you!

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Kelowna, British Columbia has been a tourist destination for years, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon! Travel across Canada mentioning you’re from the sunny Okanagan, and you’re sure to make a few strangers envious. Who could blame them; we have it all!

But don’t take our word for it!

You see, we have so many amazing features here in Kelowna, The Dion-Ivan Real Estateteam couldn’t bare to keep it to themselves! They thought (and they didn’t have to think hard!) about all their favorite opportunities Kelowna has to offer and placed it in one easy location for you to see. I think you will agree, Kelowna is a brag worthy city!

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Two words: The Oscars. The Okanagan is home to over 200 amazing wineries, and our wines have been sold around the world winning numerous awards. Tourists come from all over to experience the numerous wine tours that can be found scattered throughout the valley. In fact, our wine is so great, it made a trip to the Oscars where celebrities were finally able to experience the taste of the Okanagan. How cool is that?!


Kelowna is brimming with some incredible culture! With our numerous theatre companies, beautiful art galleries, and historic museums you will never be board! Take a stroll down the lake’s board walk and experience live musicians and local crafts people. Immerse yourself in Kelowna’s rich history and experience the creativity of the people here!

A group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant

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The food here is incredible! In fact, Kelowna is home to the Canadian Culinary Championships where amazing chefs from all over come to compete. The best part? Many of them reside right here in Kelowna, B.C. Some of our locally owned restaurants such as “The Jammery” have even been featured on Food Network shows like “You’ve Gotta Eat Here”. It’s no wonder with all our amazing wine and beautiful produce. This summer, do yourself a favour and visit one of many incredible local farms and orchards for fresh, inexpensive, local fruits and vegetable!


Can you believe it?! It’s more than halfway through January, and the grass is green! Sure, we got a bit of the white stuff for Christmas, but overall our winters are mild, springs are lush, summers are hot, and our autumns are breathtaking! We get to experience the best of all four seasons, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

A person riding skis down a snow covered slope

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Outdoor recreation

We love all the outdoor activities Kelowna has to offer! You can head 40 minutes up the mountain to experience the thrill of Big White Ski Resort or take your boat out on Okanagan Lake. The city is loaded with hiking trails, horseback riding, wakeboarding, camping and skating locations! Not to mention we are home to some of the best golf sites in Canada. You name it, we got it!


Kelowna has an amazing, diverse community that comes together through the good times and the bad. Numerous community events happen throughout the year for you to enjoy: many of them free to attend! Simply head over to Castanet (our local news website), and there is sure to be a community event near you!


Kelowna has the best location! We love that some of Canada’s most beautiful scenic hiking and camping locations are located within minutes to hours of our gorgeous city. A short 3 hour drive can take you down to the US Boarder or Vancouver city. Whether you are looking for seclusion, adventure, or a night on the town, Kelowna is the place to be!

A group of people sitting at a desk

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Kelowna offers some AMAZING education opportunities. Our numerous public and private schools make Kelowna a great place to raise a family, and with some of the worlds best secondary education programs located right here, there is no need for the kids to travel far from home. Our local Okanagan College, UBCO, KGH Southern Medical Program, and CATO (Centre for Arts and Technology) offer a variety of top notch education ensuring students always have the resources to follow their heart and be successful!

The Dion-Ivans Real EstateTeam could go on for hours, but I think you are starting to get the picture. Kelowna is a wonderful place for new homeowner to call home!

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The The hustle and bustle of summer is simmering down as the Okanagan trades in it's hot, beachy days for sweaters and pumpkin spice! The tourists are leaving, the kids are in school, and the streets have become quieter.

If you're trying to sell your home, that may sound more like a nightmare than a scenic picture of a serene city like Kelowna. Your probably thinking, Quieter? Who wants quieter? I need those people to stay here and look at my home!!!

Don't Panic! The year may be coming to an end, but your dreams of selling your home are not! In fact, well the rest of Kelowna is cooling down, the real estate market is heating up!

Let The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team put your worries to rest with these.

Reason #1: Browsers Be Gone
Yes, it's true that the spring housing market is filled with potential buyers, however, over half these buyers may hold off on making an offer. Springtime is a convenient time to move and make home renovations, so not only does it mean more buyers, but it also means more sellers, and with more sellers comes more options, and the temptation to be extremely picky.  With more homes to choose from, they can afford to be critical of each house, and that could easily extend their search by months. However, the goal is still to find a home, and come September and October, all those serious buyers will be feeling the pressure to make their move before the added stress of the holiday season or bad weather hits. That’s where you come in my friend!

Reason #2: Less Competition, More Opportunity
Autumn home buyers not only have the stress of kids back to school, holidays coming, and bad weather, but now their options are shrinking as many sellers rush to close by September. You may be feeling the stress of closing  a sale yourself, but here is the silver lining: Now that so many other sellers have settled, you are competing in a much smaller pool, fortunately for you, that means your home is bound to stand out, and you can use this scarcity to your advantage.

Reason #3: More Pressure To Buy
If you're looking to sell your condo, we have an added bonus for you! While it's true that families are more likely to make their move in the spring, millennials, and single buyers usually splash into the pool a bit later in the year. Have a larger, family home? No worries!  To avoid higher “on season” real estate rates, many families who need to relocate for work often wait for the fall to save themselves and their employer's money. These out-of-towners usually have a stringent timeline and are more likely to settle quickly and be forgiving of maintenance issues.

Reason #4: Cheaper Renovations
As mentioned above, some buyers are in need of a home quickly, and may not be as concerned about home improvements as others, However, either way, you should probably make sure your home is in tip-top shape in order to get the best return possible. Luckily, home improvements tend to die down during the autumn months as well, which means cheaper building supplies, lawn care equipment, and contractors!

So, whether you live Downtown, Glenmore, Mission, Rutland, Black Mountain, or West Kelowna, you can now you can quit panicking and enjoy a glass of award-winning Okanagan wine knowing that you have created a smart selling tactic, and there is still plenty of time to get your home sold!

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A person standing in front of a building

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You’re ready to graduate from the world of renter to homeowner for the first time! It’s a big investment, but well worth it if you know what you are doing.

During this rewarding and high-pressure time, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of simply having a place to finally call your own. However, whether this is a “for now” home or a “forever” home, there are definitely some guidelines that you are going to want to follow to make your you walk away with best deal and future free of headaches!

Just because a prospective house looks perfect on the outside, doesn’t mean there isn’t some more investigation to be done. Here are The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team’s top tips for new Kelowna homeowners!

STOP! Do These 3 Key Things BEFORE Purchasing Your New Kelowna Home

A person standing in front of a wooden fence

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Explore The Neighbourhood

Sure, the house is beautiful, and the neighbourhood is charming! But, what about the neighbours? Spend some time investigating the neighbourhood or your dream home may quickly become your living nightmare. Is the neighbourhood family friendly, or (if you are looking for peace and quite) does the neighbour run a daycare in their backyard? Is there enough parking for yourself and visitors, are any of the neighbouring houses unkempt or have unseemly people coming and going? Are there lots of dogs barking? This can be a pro or con depending on your pet situation! Some of the nicest looking neighbourhoods have the highest crime rates. Depending on your needs, you are going to want to explore the neighbourhood’s traits as much as you would the house. Be sure to take a stroll down the neighbour hood at different times of day-especially at night- when the atmosphere is completely different! Remember, when you purchase a house, you are also buying the neighbourhood!

Leave It To The Professionals

It can be easy to opt out of professional inspections, but The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team strongly discourages that! A professional, qualified inspector or construction expert can save you thousands! We all like to think the people we are dealing with are honest, genuine people, and for the most part, they are! However, even the most well-intentioned individuals can make mistakes or be unaware of the risks their property holds. For this reason, it is imperative you hire yourself an unbiased professional inspector (sorry, cousin Rick. Your online certificate won’t hold here!) to inspect those hard to see areas including the roof, foundation, plumbing and electrical systems. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and raise your concerns. Avoid using a contractor hired by the seller to ensure there is no conflict of interest. After all, they may have a cousin Rick of their own!

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Check Zoning Laws

You may have big plans for your new home! Maybe an extra room, pool, or even a solarium. Before you do anything, including putting your money down, check with the local zoning authorities to find out any restrictions that may be imposed on you. It’s better to find out before you purchase, especially if building a pool is a deal breaker for you!

Kelowna provides some of the greatest real estate in all of British Colombia!
If your looking for expert guidance on purchase your new home or have questions on how to navigate the real estate industry, contact The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team, today!

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A close up of a piece of paper

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Not everyone is a pro when it comes to real estate. For example, one might not understand mortgage rates, loans, or the reason why market values drop and rise every year, but there are a few “common knowledge facts” that everyone seems to feel pretty confident about; after all, everybody knows them, right?  

What happens when what we think we know about real estate is actually common myth and not fact at all. Who gets hurt? Both the buyer and the seller!

That's why the pros at The Dion-Ivan Real Estate have come together today to share common misconceptions about the real estate world.  

Real Estate Myths You Probably Believed

A person holding a sign

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Spring Is The Best Time To Sell

Well the warmth of spring create a favourable time to move it might not necessarily be the best time to sell a house. We see it all the time! Everyone thinks spring is the best time to sell, So what do they do? They sell of course! However, that means that the market is soon flooded. The truth is not many home buyers start looking right after the new year. So, why not beat the rush and put your house on the market as early as January or February? You'd be surprised how many bids you get for your house, and you'll feel twice as smart.

“I Can Sell My Home Myself”

Many homeowners first knee jerk reaction when they hear a realtor’s commission is to back out and sell their home themselves. While you certainly can sell your home yourself, and some people have great success, the majority of homeowners create much more trouble then it's worth to save on the commission. There's so much behind the scenes work a real estate agent does for their clients. From marketing, research, networking, contract drafting, market pricing, and so much more, real estate agents can put hundreds of hours in to sell your home. You must ask yourself if you realistically have the time and knowledge to sell your own home successfully and still get the same value that a qualified real estate agent would be able to get you. As with everything in life, you don't know what you don't know. This is especially true when it comes to real estate. People can easily get sucked into contracts that are unfair causing them to lose out on more money then they ever would have saved by not hiring a professional. For example, a buyer may receive a contract that is conditioned on the buyer selling their house. This may seem fine, but does the seller know to look for an escape clause or what it means for them if there is none? A real estate agent is truly your best friend when buying or selling your home.

A sign in front of a house

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A Home Doesn’t Need To Be Staged

This one is huge! Many people think if they have a nice house it doesn't matter if they stage it or not; However, the truth is whether your spending an hour tidying up or weeks decluttering your home, staging your house might be the most important step you do. The first thing a potential buyer is going to request is photos of your home, and this is your best chance to make a positive first impression. If the if the buyer does not feel that your house is clean, cozy, and bright, they may scroll right past your home, never giving it another thought. It doesn't take much clean up the papers, remove the sweaty gym bag, and throw your dishes in the dishwasher before the photos are taken. Likewise, your home exterior needs to be staged as well. The outside of your home sets the tone for the rest of the tour. Mow the lawn, remove the trash, and make sure any toys or unsightly furniture is hidden out of sight. For more tips on successfully staging your home click here.

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, knowledge is power. When looking for good information on real estate, give your local professionals a call! Do not get sucked down the rabbit hole that is Google, which is filled with myths and facts that are hard to untangle.

For more information on buying or selling your home in the Kelowna and Okanagan area, give the trusted professionals of Dion-Ivans Real Estate team a call today!


Here is your guide to make sure your not paying more property tax than you should be!


Selling your house at any time of the year can be an overwhelming and often dreaded experience.


Let's rephrase that! Selling your house feels GREAT! Showing your house? Not so great.

With all the hustle and bustle of people coming and going mixed with the chaotic flow of the holidays, it's no wonder you are feeling so stressed out. Not to mention, homeowners often talk about the horrors of selling a house during the winter months.

Don't listen to them! Because The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team has a secret for you!

People love the holidays!

How is that a secret? Well, it's not exactly. The secret is that you can utilize buyer's holiday nostalgia to increase your chance of an offer!

Let us set the scene, or rather, help you set the scene! Imagine you walk into a bright clean home. It smells like fresh baking, there is a wreath on the door, pine-tree garland up the banister, and a poinsettia on the table. The bows on the kitchen cabinets are an amazing touch, and the candle and pine-cone display on the fireplace mantle is darling! Sounds like a cozy home doesn't it? They will think so too!

However, it isn't as simple as placing a few decorations here and there, and that is why The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team have come up with the following tips to help you get started!

Staging Your Home For The Holiday Buyer

Baby It's Clean Inside!
Don't just tidy for your potential buyers-CLEAN! We want those walls washed and floors sparkling! Don't forget to sweep or vacuum under the furniture; Santa is watching! The more clean and fresh a home looks, the better the buyer feels about it.

Less Is More, Less Is More, Less Is More!
We know you want to feel like your space is your own, but your space it through that door and inside your new home! This space is now your buyers. Be sure to declutter as much as possible, so the buyer can really imagine themselves living in the house. A few well placed decorations will go a long way, but they will be entirely missed if all they do is add to the chaos. Keep your decor simple, tasteful, and clean!

Do You Hear (Taste, and Feel ) What I Hear?
You really want these buyer to feel at home because, hopefully, they are! Crank up the heat and let them feel the warmth, have some gentle holiday music playing softly in the background, and don't be afraid to bake a few holiday treats for them to sample. Not only will it smell delicious, but the longer they stay, the more time they have to admire the idea of living there. Just remember to clean up after!

Expert Tip!

If you can, try and keep your decor 'holiday neutral', and bake a gluten free goody option! A bottle of wine or sparking fruit juice never hurt either!

If you follow all these holiday tips -hopefully- one of your buyers will be home for the holidays!

Looking for more expert staging tips, and selling/buying advice? Visit our Blog


If you're ready to buy or sell your home, contact Kelowna's leading real estate experts The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team!

Until next time, We Wish You A Merry Sale!


If you're lucky enough to live in the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia, then you already know there are a variety of local treasures to behold. During the autumn months, nothing quite beats a hot cup of java and a walk through crisp air as colourful leaves fall at your feet.

However, perhaps your new to the area, or looking at potential property purchases. You may even be a local who simply hasn't gotten out and about to experience as much of Kelowna as you would like. Whatever your reason, The Dion-Ivan Real Estate Team has your back!

If there is one thing our team of expert real estate agents can agree on, it's supporting the local small businesses that make up our growing community, and today, we want to introduce to you some of the finest, local coffee shops Kelowna has to offer!

With so many amazing places, all with their own individual charm, it's hard to rank one more superior than the other. For that reason, we have listed five amazing local coffee shops, that are sure to please, in no particular order!

Top 5 Local Kelowna Coffee Shops


If you're looking for an edgy coffee shop with a unique retro vibe, here is your place! Not only is the coffee stellar, but the atmosphere is fantastic! As soon as you walk in, you realize this is no ordinary coffee shop. Located in the heart of Downtown, Kelowna, the rare books, unusual antiques, and list great beverages will keep you coming again and again!


Bean Scene Cafe has created quite a name for itself and has quickly become one of Kelowna's most popular coffee shops. So much so, that what started as one humble location has now expanded to 7. You can find a Bean Scene in the Landmark Buildings (where it began), Capri, Big White, Rutland, Pandosy, and Downtown! Be sure to ask for their hot chocolate 'with the party on top!'


If you find yourself down in South Kelowna, then you have to check out the Marmalade Cat Cafe. Enjoy tasty food in a fun, vibrant, energetic atmosphere. Along with providing great food and beverage service, the Marmalade Cat Cafe also supports many local causes including hosting some of Kelowna's best local artists. Come on down for a toe-tapping good time!


Fezziwig's Bakery Cafe provides one of coziest atmospheres around! With three locations to choose from (Mission, Guishigan, and Okanagan College), it's the perfect place to enjoy unique sandwiches, traditional British desserts, and amazing local coffee supplied by Kelowna's very own Cherry Hill Coffee Roaster! You will fill right at home at Fezziwig's, and the delightful dishes are almost reason enough to go!


Located downtown by the Delta Grand Hotel, Giobean is the perfect cafe for locals and visitors alike! Grab an award-winning espresso from this authentic Italian inspired cafe before taking a stroll along the boardwalk. When you walk into Giobean, you will be treated to a feast of fantastic artisan coffees you won't want to miss out on.

So, if you have nothing else going on, the next time you find yourself bored, why don't you stroll down to one of these incredible local businesses and support Kelowna's fine small business owners.

Know of another amazing local hot spot? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking to make Kelowna your new home?

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Have you ever walked into someone's home and thought, wow, this place is incredible, only to find out later that the neighbourhood is less than desirable?

Crazy neighbours, noisy roads, airplane paths, and frequent vandalism can all put a halt to that future you've been daydreaming about; and sometimes, you don't find out till AFTER you've purchased your new home and settled in.

When investing in a new home, it's important to consider, not only the property your buying, but also your surroundings; with any luck, you will be surrounded by them for a long time!

Unfortunately, looking for a new home, selling your old one, and researching all the neighbourhoods in town all while going about your daily routines and obligations can get daunting quickly. Luckily, the Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team has a solution!

We've done the work for you!

We've searched Kelowna far and wide to bring you a list of some of the most desirable neighbourhoods in town.  


UPPER MISSION - Real Estate in Kelowna

Taking a drive through the Upper Mission neighbourhood of Kelowna is like driving straight into one of those feel-good, family shows (think Gilmore Girls). The houses are perfect, the streets are calm, and the stunning view of the lake and mountains are nothing but picturesque.  The proximity to some of the highest ranking schools also makes this a perfect area to bring up a family!

BLACK MOUNTAIN - Real Estate in Kelowna

Black Mountain is an established neighbourhood reinvented! Rich with orchards, acreages, single-family homes, townhouses, walking trails, parks, and schools, Black Mountain will accommodate almost any lifestyle! Black Mountain offers a variety of both new development, and previously owned homes located only minutes from essential and recreational amenities.

WEST KELOWNA ESTATES - Real Estate in Kelowna

West Kelowna Estates is a breathtaking, quiet neighbourhood located right across the Okanagan Bridge. Filled with beautiful homes situated within walking distance to playgrounds, hiking trails, beaches, eateries, theatres and more. Take a 2-minute drive across the bridge, and you are right back at the heart of Kelowna.

RUTLAND - Real Estate in Kelowna

Rutland offers an incredible variety of housing opportunities! Condos, townhouses, duplexes, single-family homes, acreages, Rutland has it all! Filled with an extensive range of amenities, and close to every major bus route, you will hardly have cause to leave Rutland at all! Pair that with Rutland's affordability rate and you have the perfect recipe for first-time homeowners and new families!

MCKINLEY LANDING - Real Estate in Kelowna

McKinley Landing is one of Kelowna best-kept secrets, and it's swiftly gaining popularity. Only a short drive from Kelowna, property owners here get to enjoy luxury with a view! McKinley Landing is most known for its luxury estates and grand mansions overlooking a spectacular lake that catches the sun just perfectly!

Kelowna has no shortage of spectacular neighbourhoods, and The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team wants to help you find the perfect one!

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Even with the best real estate agent at your side, selling your home has its significant stressors. One of the most effective ways to reach potential buyers in Kelowna is creating an open house event.

An open house enables potential buyers to explore the home and neighbourhood while imagining their life within it. This experience allows the buyers to create an attachment to the house and speed up the offer. Likewise, it has the potential to turn them off and right back out the door!

If the thought of opening your home to perfect strangers is making you nauseous, we understand!

Don't worry! The Dion-Ivans Real Estate Team has your back!

Here's the thing. You're home, is waiting for you out there. The one you are standing in right now? The one you placed on the market? That home is their home.

Letting it go: We know it can be hard to let go of so many memories, but as soon as we get this place sold, you will be creating many more beautiful memories in a home that better suits you! Try and start letting go of the thought that this house is your home, and replace the word with house, property, or building.

Allow us to show you 4 Ways To Create A Successful Open House

1. Pre-Planning

Preparation is vital to almost any plan or project. An open house is no different! Sit down, and think about your target market. Is it a quiet street close to schools and parks: perfect for a family. Is it out by Gallagher's Canyon behind a golf course: ideal for retired individuals. Or, perhaps it's a smaller home right in the hustle and bustle of downtown Kelowna where the action is: great for an adventurous bachelor/bachelorette!

Once, you have your target market narrowed, grab a good ole fashion notepad and pen, and walk through your property with keen eyes, and no mercy! Be as scrupulous as you would be while looking for your new home. Leave nothing out!

After that, rank your findings from least critical to the highest priority problems that will most likely turn a buyer off.

3. Make It New
Taking a look at that list you created, it's likely not feasible to fix ALL the issues, however, by focusing on the more significant tasks at hand, you will most likely be able to see your home quicker, and even increase the asking price to make a profit out of your renos and time.

High priority items include:
Carpets and Flooring
Broken Windows or Mirrors
Dysfunctional Wiring or Switches
Chipped or Outdated Paint
Mold or Water Damage
Old Light Fixtures

Now that everything is in working order, it's time for a bit of elbow grease. Take a look around the house and yard. Clean up cobwebs and spider webs from outside (or inside if it's been an issue). Go through each room and declutter while cleaning meticulously!
Check out next weeks blog for detailed help on getting each room organized!

4. Setting The Mood
Now, it's time for the finishing touches! A friendly welcome mat, flowers on the table, and setting the stage! We want these strangers to feel right at home, and with any luck, they will be!

-  Set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature
-  Brighten the place up by letting the light through the windows
-  Store your valuables away from public viewing
-  Set out refreshments: The way to a buyer's heart is through their stomach...
-  Get Out! Sorry, you aren't invited to this party, but we'll be sure to send you an invite to your next housewarming! Buyers tend to feel awkward when homeowners are around. Take the day, and do something fun with the whole family!

The good news is this is a great time to be selling your home in Kelowna. No matter the location, Kelowna, and the surrounding area, hold substantial property value and are high in demand!

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